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To The Moon

Kolectiv.gg was looking for artists to create and launch a new NFT collection that would have the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world as its basic theme. This collection is called “Crypto 2021 Collection”.

The objective was clear: to create a (digital) work, no matter the technique, animated or not, but which had as a central theme the blockchain and cryptomoney. Personally, you know me, I went for a composition dealing with the theme of space (galaxy, planet, rocket, etc.) which is a universe I particularly like in my creations. What I also found pleasant is the flexibility of the specifications, that is to say that we were free to create what we wanted without real technical constraints.

For my creation I wanted to put in image the expression “To The Moon” very known in the crypto universe. So I naturally started with a rocket in levitation, as if time had stopped. I then added in the second plan rocks also in levitation, then I animated the whole to give a little dynamism to the composition.

In the end, more than a hundred artists were mobilized to produce this collection. Once the creations were made, they were minted in order to register them definitively in the blockchain (Eth).

I particularly liked this project because it was one of my first collaborative projects. Moreover, having the opportunity to work alongside artists like Alotta Money (who are part of my inspiration) was very nice!

Edition: 150 ex
Dimension: 900 x 1256 px
Format: video (.mp4)
Duration: 10s
Date: 2021, June
Software: Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effect



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