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Satochip Wallet

How cool it is to work with Satochip Wallet! I could see it during our collaboration on this project. This Belgian team has designed a crypto wallet that looks like a bank card. At a “small price” and fully customizable, this is a new way to store, share and secure your crypto-assets!

My mission was to create a visual that could be used both for the creation of a physical wallet, but also for the creation of a NFT (limited number of copies). I decided for this project to stay on the “Galaxy/Universe” theme which is a theme I particularly like when dealing with crypto projects. You’ll also find wallet designs in collaboration with other artists or directly imagined by Satochip Wallet.

Don’t forget, “Not your key, not your coins”, secire your cryptos!

Customers who ordered a Satochip wallet (physical version) had a chance to receive one of the 5 NFTs (digital version) for free!

Edition: 30 physical versions + 5 NFTs (random drop when order)
Format: video NFT (.mp4) + wallet illustration (.jpg)
Duration: 10s
Date: 2021, July
Software: Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effect

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