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I had the honor of creating the digital work “Phalaina” as part of a joint project with several artists, namely the LCBOX. This project launched by the collective “Les collectionneurs” aimed to highlight some of the NFT artists from the French community. I will explain in a few words the idea behind my creation.

The whales: They represent, in this composition, the biggest investors of the crypto universe. Finally, those who make a little “rain and shine”. It is therefore natural that I chose them to integrate my composition.

The character : Placed in the center of the composition, and with only one eye (reference to the omniscient eye), he represents the authority. I positioned him above the whales to imply that even if the whales feel “untouchable”, they are part of a system where there is always more powerful than them.

In a few words, the idea behind this creation is that even if we are dealing with a person of power and they think they are “untouchable”, there is always someone or something that overtakes and/or controls them. The whales control the cryptocurrency market, but who controls the whales? The idea is that there is always something stronger than us, either physically or psychically.

Here you know a little more about the process behind this creation, I hope you like it!

Edition: 25 ex (10 ex burned to increase rarity)
Dimension: 1024 x 1430 px
Format: video NFT (.mp4)
Duration: 10s
Date: 2021, April
Software: Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effect


The LCBOX was created to promote the artists of the community “Les Collectionneurs”. This BOX will allow to put forward emerging creators of traditional arts and also young French-speaking artists who have recently started to create NFTs. They will be accompanied in each LCBOX by confirmed and recognized artists in the world of NFTs.

You can find all details about this BOX concept here

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