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Very cool project in collaboration with the Cryptopick team! They were looking for an artist to create the complete skin of a clamp (skin in three parts). I was very touched because I’m the first NFT artist they contacted, an honor! It was the first time for me to work on a request of this type, a certain diversification of the approach to art and “illustration”. Do you like the skin I designed?

Edition: 150 (50 Claws, 50 Pipes, 50 Bases)
Dimension: ø
Format: Illustration (.ai/.svg)
Date: 2021, April
Software: Illustrator

Cryptopick is a website that allows you to make predictions on the price of cryptocurrencies. Depending on the results of your predictions, you will accumulate tokens (Pickies) that will allow you to buy skins and thus increase your “ClawPower” (the level of your clip). Also participate in daily battles with other members to win Ethereums or Pickies directly.


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*Update 09.22 : After almost four years of hard work and countless unforgettable moments with the Pickers community, we are sad to announce that we have to shut down CryptoPick for now. We won’t go into details about why we are shutting down the project, but it’s a combination of many different elements.*